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Michigan RV Detailing:


★ Complete Wash including Wheels & Windows

★ Spray Wax Application

★ Roof Cleaning & Caulking

★ Rubber Roof Conditioning

★ Awning Cleaning


★ Cupboards

★ Windows & Blinds

★ Floors & Carpets (Steam Cleaning available)

Email or call 616.392.2596 for more RV Detailing info or to schedule an appointment.

Trailers Offered For Sale At Our Holland, Michigan Location:

2017(Click for Info) Cargo Express (Cargo Trailer)16'$4,495
2016(Click for Info) OPEN RANGE LT308BHS (3 Slides + Quad Bunks)TT37'3"8510$34,900
2016 (Click for Info) KEYSTONE SPRINGDALE SM2980 (Slide + Quad Bunks)TT32'7"6328$15,900
2015 (Click for Info) HEARTLAND TRAIL RUNNER 30USBH (Slide + Quad Bunks)TT33'11"6605$18,900
2013COMING SOON! (Click for Info) KEYSTONE SPRINGDALE 294 (Slide + Tripe Bunks/Outside Kitchen)TT32'6950$13,900
2012 (Click for Info) SUNSET TRAIL RESERVE ST29RL (Slide Out/No Bunks) TT33'5"6240$17,900
2010 (Click for Info) GREY WOLF SUPERLITE 29BHKS (Slide + Quad Bunks)TT33'11"5917$10,900
2008 (Click for Info) DUTCHMEN 30S (Double Slide/Double Bunks)TT33'11"7712$7,900
2008COMING SOON! (Click for Info) TRAILBAY 32BHS (Slide + Quad Bunks)TT33'9"6562$10,900
2007COMING SOON! (Click for Info) SUNSET CREEK 298BH (Slide + Quad Bunks)TT33'6615$9,900
2007COMING SOON! (Click for Info) SALEM 31QBSS (Slide + Quad Bunks)TT34'8"6660$9,900
2007(Click for Info) KEYSTONE HORNET 27b (No Slide/Triple Bunks)TT30'8"6000$8,900
2006NEW! (Click for Info) JAYCO 31BHDS (Double Slide + Double Bunks)TT34'7340$9,900
2006 (Click for Info) CROSSROADS ZINGER 370DB (Two Slides + Quad Bunks)TT39'7374$9,900
2005(Click for Info) KEYSTONE SPRINGDALE 260TBL (No Slide/Double Bunks)TT28'4640$7,900
2004(Click for Info) TRAILBAY 28RBXS (Slide/No Bunks)TT30'8"6000$7,900